Choose your battery from 360, 540 or 725Wh


    90 Nm, thanks to the new Oli Edge motor


    Adjust each assistance according to your needs, directly on the display of your ebike without using any app


  • Choose the battery that best suits your needs, 360Wh, 540Wh or 725Wh, for a tailored experience.
  • Italian Oli Edge motor delivers a powerful 90Nm of torque, ensuring top-notch performance.
  • Excursion of 170mm at the front and 165mm at the rear, ready to dominate any terrain.
  • With our exclusive MATE XP linkage, you'll get maximum traction, comfort and control in any situation.
  • Choose how to customize your ebike's paint job.

And many more features that we will let you discover soon, STAY TUNED!

The Charger is the ultimate enduro ebike you've been waiting for


Pre-orders are now open with super promo prices. Contact us at info@pedronirace.com for more information