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Pedroni Race designs and builds frames and bikes for the Gravity sector (Downhill, Enduro and e-Enduro). The frames are, without compromise, hand-made in Italy, entirely built in house. Production is organised with a clean room for lamination and a temperature-controlled room for cutting operations. Separately, there is a mechanical workshop with a numerically controlled machining centre (CNC) for making moulds and structural parts of the bike frame. There is also a section dedicated to trimming, welding and baking, either by oven or autoclave.

 The frame and bicycle designs are entirely the result of Michele Pedroni's 20 years of experience.

The moulds are made by a numerically controlled machining centre (CNC), and can be either made in carbon fibre or aluminium.

Laminating remains the beating heart of Pedroni Race. The pre-preg fibres are cut and prepared by the cutting plotter and then laid out in a precise order by the operator during the lamination process, after which they are processed in an autoclave. At this point the frame is extracted and finished for the last step, which is painting.

Sherin Kelaart, our Composites Workshop Manager, manages the entire lamination process and with her long experience of carbon in the luxury automotive sector, she is able to produce a wide variety of products for sectors such as aeronautics, marine and automotive.

Final Product

The final product is the result of a combination of many factors, which are essential features of the Pedroni Race product. In general, bicycles and frames are designed according to the following principles:

  • Development and Design: the kinematic motion of the frame is innovative and guarantees greater traction and sensitivity, protecting the structural integrity of the bike.
  • Materials and Quality: in addition to the selection of carbon fibres, quality control will be total in the construction phase: each production step will be monitored and certified.
  • Ease of Use and Customisation: Designed for racing but intuitive for amateur use. The bikes and frames can be customised and are produced exclusively on order.
  • Maintenance: In Gravity the bike is exposed to heavy and repeated stresses, so the construction choices have been optimised to reduce routine maintenance.
  • Partners: our partners are from the racing circuit, focusing on made-in-Italy excellence.


      Composites are used not only in cycling but also in the automotive and aerospace sectors. The growing demand for carbon fibre is linked to the demand to minimise the weight of structural elements in cars, sailboats and aircraft. The composites market allows Pedroni Race to diversify and saturate its in-house workforce.


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